At Goya Languages we have 12-week courses during the year and 15-hour a week intensive courses, in which you will learn English in an innovative way. We teach grammar and vocabulary through communication activities, focused on helping students to gain confidence and fluency when speaking the foreign language. Our programme places an emphasis on the use of emotional intelligence, teaches a bit about British culture, and uses music and drama to make learning your chosen language fun. Our classes are small so that each student can get the most out of the course they're on and gain an opportunity to improve their skills. 

You’ll learn lots about the language and culture while having so much fun!  
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ELEMENTARY ENGLISH: From 14th January to 2nd April 2020


Practice English in a way you’ve never done before with our amazing lessons. During this 12-week course, you’ll learn grammar from the basics and practice a lot through communication activities. We will help you improve your skills to become a more confident person when speaking the English language.

INTERMEDIATE ENGLISH: From 14th January to 2nd April 2020


For those who have an intermediate level but are looking forward to having more fluency when speaking, during this course, you’ll have 2-hour lessons in the mornings once or twice a week. You’ll learn grammar and vocabulary through communication activities and you’ll also learn some emotional intelligence skills to help you become a more confident person.

ADVANCED ENGLISH: From 14th January to 2nd April 2020              


If you have an advanced level of English and yet you want to improve, perfect and enjoy an amazing experience, this is your exact place. During this course, you will practice your language skills through topics and role-playing activities that will help you achieve the fluency and confidence to have a proficient level of English. Throughout the course, you will do presentations to work on your self-confidence and writings, to be able to excell in every way.


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