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              Goya Languages is an independent thriving company based in London (UK). Founded by Paula Ruiz, a teacher of modern languages with extensive experience in teaching and running language immersion programs, and an amazing team of outstanding skilled teachers.
              Our mission is to go beyond merely teaching a language. After over 10 years of experience working with students of all ages and nationalities, our philosophy is to work on the student’s self-confidence as well as teaching the language. Therefore, we started creating our own syllabus including activities to build up each person’s confidence and motivation.  
              With an innovative method of teaching English and Spanish as a foreign language through art, culture and emotional intelligence, our school focuses on the communicative approach for adults. We believe that when studying a foreign language what we all need is more oral practice. Our progamme fits the needs of those students who already have an intermediate level of English/Spanish but don’t have the chance to practice as much as they would like to.   
              What characterizes us the most is our high standards of organization, our well-thought activities and how fun the lessons are. We help people gain enormous confidence speaking the foreign language in public and we make sure they have one of the most remarkable experiences of their lives.
              We run 2-week intensive courses in English, Spanish or a combination of both to appeal to those who want to participate in Spanish sessions in the morning and practice English in the afternoon whilst discovering the amazing intercultural city of London.
We look forward to welcoming you this summer.


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