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10-week course: Spanish for Beginners 1

Day: Wednesday

Date: 29 May - 31 July

Time: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Location: Online

Code: ES2000B1




Beginner 1 Wednesdays + e-Book

  • Courses are subject to be delayed by 2 weeks.

    Minimum number of students: 3

    Classroom size: 5 students

    The course is non refundable.

  • Our unique communicative method will allow you to practise Spanish from the first session and get to learn about a few different tenses, to have a solid foundation of Spanish since the beginning.

    You will also learn how to introduce yourself, make plans with other people, order in a restaurant and go shopping... It is a fairly complete course. We'll work on your confidence and every lesson you'll have so much fun!

    Within 10 weeks, you'll have the tools to be able to keep up simple conversations in Spanish and feel confident to travel the world.


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