At Goya Languages we use an innovative method which allows you to learn Spanish in a faster, more natural and fun way. You'll find yourself both understanding, and speaking Spanish from the first lesson.

We teach grammar and vocabulary through communication activities in which the student actively participates. We also focus on helping students to gain confidence and fluency when speaking Spanish, and our groups are small so that each student can get the most out of each course.


12-week Beginner courses 

Our beginner level is divided in 2 modules, and every course lasts for 24 hours. These courses aim to introduce you to the Spanish language. Learn all the basics about greetings, shopping, likes and dislikes, the present, past and future tenses... By the end of this programme, you will be able to keep up a simple conversation, go shopping, make plans with other people, talk about past events and travel the world and the seven seas!






12-week Elementary courses 

Our elementary level is divided in 3 modules, and every course lasts for 24 hours. You will learn about food, going to restaurants, going to the doctors, all the past tenses, how to give directions and commands, advices and express wishes and opinions, along with lots of useful expressions and vocabulary. By the end of the Elementary level, you will be able to speak confidently and much more fluently.






12-week Intermediate courses 

Divided in 3 stages, each course of 24 hours will introduce you to the subjunctive deeply, to be able to express wishes and opinions about anything. You will also get depper into the world of idioms, fixed expressions and you'll practice how to talk about a movie, a book and a trip in a more complex way. You will feel absolutely confident when speaking Spanish by the end of Intermediate Part 3, as well as able to watch series, movies and read books en español.

12-week Advanced courses 

Divided in 5 stages, each course lasts for 24 hours, once a week. At this level of your learning process, you will be dealing with different interesting topics, current affairs and you'll have to do a couple of presentations, to express yourself freely and fluently. However, even though we are sure your level is already amazing, we won't give anything for granted and you will be able to review things you learned at previous stages, during every session to warm up. Every course has an extra, such as: book clubs, cinema clubs and music.

10-week Saturday Courses


If you are already studying Spanish at Uni, at work or you are a self-taught person but you need some more speaking practice, this is your best option. These lessons last for 2 hours and will boost your fluency and confidence, dealing with different topics and role plays every session.


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