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Goya Languages is a growing, independent company based in London (UK). It is run by an amazing team of highly-skilled modern language teachers with extensive experience in teaching Spanish, English and Portuguese as foreign languages. 

Our mission is to go beyond merely teaching a language. That is why we have created a method for learning languages through communication. Our courses are focused on practising languages to learn the most natural way possible. An innovative method where grammar explanations lead to oral practice immediately and in context.

Furthermore, after having worked with students of all ages and nationalities for over 15 years, our experience is that building a student's self-confidence goes hand in hand with teaching them a language. Therefore, we set out to create our own syllabus that includes activities aimed to build up each person’s confidence and motivation. 

What characterizes us the most is our high standards of organization, our well-thought activities and how fun the lessons are. We help people gain enormous confidence speaking the foreign language in public and we make sure that they have one of the most remarkable experiences of their lives. 

We look forward to welcoming you. 


Paula Ruiz

Founder, Creator of the Goya Languages Method, and Head teacher.



Paula Ruiz

Founder, Creator of the Goya Languages Method, and Head teacher.

Paula Ruiz started her professional career in teaching over 15 years ago. She holds a Master's in teaching English as a foreign language with distinction from the University of Valencia, a Bachelor's Degree in Modern Languages from the University of Valencia (Spain), and a Certificate of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from Cervantes Institute.


Her professional experience is mostly in teaching English and Spanish to any age-range, and in translation. She has been working in Spain, Ireland and England, where she founded Goya Languages. She can speak Spanish, English, Catalan, Portuguese and French.


She is passionate about the arts and she has combined her career in teaching with the study of music, dance and drama. She believes providing people with the necessary tools to build up their confidence when producing a foreign language is an essential key to their success.

Paula has created an innovative method for learning languages, along with several e-books for Spanish learners.


Students state she's a genuine teacher, very entertaining and encouraging, and she'll make your experience learning with Goya Languages remarkable.


Emma Esteban

Spanish Teacher.

Emma Esteban is a fantastic teacher and an experienced tour guide. She holds a Master's Degree in adult and secondary education teaching from the University of Zaragoza, a Certificate of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from Cervantes Institute, a Master's Degree in Arts and Cultural Management, and a Bachelor's Degree in Arts and History.


Her professional experience is mostly as a Tour Guide, and as a Spanish Teacher. She has been working all around Europe and has lived in Spain, England, Hungary and The Netherlands. She can speak Spanish, English, and Dutch.


She is passionate about history, cinema, meditation and travelling, and students agree she is a fun, patient and knowledgeable person, who makes every lesson truly interesting.


Ana Pérez

Spanish & English Teacher.

Ana Pérez is a wonderful Spanish & English teacher, with excellent organization skills and a phenomenal attitude.

She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Modern Languages from the University of Granada, a TEFOL certificate, and a Certificate of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from International House London.


Her professional experience is mostly as an English and Spanish teacher, and she has been working as a Radio Host and Translator in Granada, Spain. She can speak Spanish, English, and French.


She loves reading, listening to music, and travelling. Students agree she is a very informative, fun, and bright teacher, who makes you feel welcomed and comfortable to participate during the lessons.


Nathália Calazans

Portuguese Teacher.

Nathália Calazans is a brilliant Portuguese teacher. Born in Brazil, she's always been very passionate about languages, and she has over 10 years of experience teaching adults and children.


She is graduated in International Relations from the Instituto Superior La Salle, and in Economics from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. She holds a certificate in teaching Portuguese to children and adults.

Talkative and curious, she always looks for the best activities and resources to develop the student´s skills and confidence. She is a very patient and diplomatic person. Students say she is very fun, always with a smile on her face, and really good at chairing meetings.


She can speak Portuguese, English and Spanish at a proficient level.

She enjoys reading a good book, listening to music and travelling around the world.

Mesa de trabalho


Practice from home, your office, or a coffee place!

Our flexible one-to-one or group online lessons are the best option for busy learners.



Super fun Spanish-English Meet-up. Guided activities to have fun, learn and meet wonderful people at a casual atmosphere!

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