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Have a remarkably good experience learning Spanish in Valencia!

We have summer courses in May,  June and September, so you can enjoy an amazing weather in Valencia whilst learning the Spanish language. 

Our Spanish immersion courses in Valencia run Monday to Friday. The programme includes amazing cultural and social activities such as: walking tours and quiz time, wine and beer tasting, a language exchange with native Spanish speakers, a Paella workshop and much more. Immerse yourself in the Spanish culture and improve your Spanish at the same time!


1-week INTENSIVE SPANISH courses in Spain 2024

Our IMMERSIVE SPANISH courses in Valencia are Monday-Friday (15-hour course + 20-hour activity programme).

These courses are a fantastic way to really get to practise Spanish all day long. Lessons are 100% communicative and you will revise grammar and vocabulary through oral activities the first part of the session, and learn about the history of Valencia, its culture, gastronomy, traditions and art during the second half of the class.

Courses include a digital Course Book.






Sally F.

I had an amazing week with Paula in Valencia. I have been doing classes online with Paula for about 9 months - she is such an enthusiastic teacher and wants us all to have fun while learning Spanish. In Valencia we had 3 hours of Spanish in the morning in a classroom - one day on the beach!...

I would highly recommend this immersive course with Paula in Valencia.

David P.

"I had a fantastic time with Goya Languages in Valencia. The cultural experiences were very engaging and educational and our group were great fun. Paula worked so hard to keep everyone engaged and entertained for the entire course. An amazing city and a thoroughly enjoyable language course!"

Hannah S.

"¡Me chifla Goya Languages! Paula is the best teacher... I thoroughly enjoyed practising my Spanish in the beautiful city of Valencia. The itinerary was carefully arranged to be fun but also purposeful. I loved the paella workshop and lessons on the beach. I can't wait for her to organise another course!"

Valencia is one of the gems of the Mediterranean.
Spain's third-largest city is well-known for its amazing weather, food and cultural traditions.

At Goya Languages, we have the perfect Spanish language course and organised afternoon activities, to make sure you'll have a remarkable experience.


Copia de Copia de Copia de Agregar un título_edited.jpg



This Spanish course is 100% communicative. You will be practising actively every class, a truly hands-on experience. We will revise grammar points related to your level, but always in context and through interesting topics and role-plays.

We'll make sure you get to meet the locals and practise Spanish interacting with native Speakers.

Your Spanish course in Valencia includes:

  • 15-hour conversational lessons in the mornings (Mon-Fri)

  • Special e-Book with topics about Valencia and the Spanish culture.

  • 15-hour Super fun organised activities in the afternoons and evenings to discover the city and practice with native speakers (Tour guide included Mon-Fri)

  • Paella workshop with a delicious dinner.

  • Flamenco class.

  • Price: £575 (registration fee also included) - Contact us for payment options.

  • Assistance will be provided 24h a day.


About your teacher:

Hi dear student! I'm Paula Ruiz, and I am from the beautiful city of Valencia. I'm Goya Languages' founder and the creator of the Goya Method, a natural and fun method to learn languages. 

I have a degree in Modern Languages and a Masters' Degree in teaching English and Spanish as second languages.

I have 10 years' experience bringing students from the UK and other countries to my hometown to help them improve their Spanish in an immersive and effective way.

I am passionate about Valencia, and I will guide you around the city and tell you the most interesting facts, history and traditions of the third-largest city in Spain.

Looking forward to enjoying this experience with you!

Accommodation options

Guest Bedroom


Contact us for the best options to book your single or double room

Modern Living Room


Book a flat through Booking or Airbnb

Lunch at Home


Contact us or click below for the options available in Valencia: HERE

Want to improve your level of Spanish before your language course in Valencia?

Frequently asked questions:

1. What are the extra activities?
During the afternoons we'll go sightseeing whilst interacting with the locals, we are going to a language exchange, we'll have a Paella Workshop and dinner, and we'll come to a wine and beer tasting at a local brewery.

2. Can I join the course if I don't speak a word of Spanish?
Our intensive courses in Valencia are for students with a certain level. This way, they can enjoy the experience speaking with Spanish people too. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you'll need to wait to have a higher level.

3. How can I book the accommodation?
After booking your course, we suggest to book your accommodation shortly. We have a special deal agreed with the hotel Silken Puerta de Valencia to offer a 10% discount to our students. This hotel is right next to the school where lessons will be held. If you are interested, we can send you their contact details to book your stay. However, you can choose any hotels or flats you wish for your stay. If you have any questions before booking, you can always contact us.

4. Where is the school?
We use the facilities of a language school which is in the district of Algirós.

5. How many students per group?
The minimum number of students is 5, and the maximum 10.

6. When and how should I book?
As soon as you have your Passport ready! It must comply with Brexit regulations.

Also, check your Covid passport since you will need it to enter the country and to eat at restaurants.

After that, we'll send you the Terms and Conditions or you can download them from this page, and send them to us signed.

Lastly, we'll email you with an Invoice to proceed with the payment through bank transfer preferably.


Send us your request and we'll contact you shortly

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