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Dear student,

Here's a little bit about who we are, and how our wonderful team can help you.

Our mission is to go beyond merely teaching a language. That is why we have created the Goya Method for learning languages through communication.

An innovative method where grammar explanations lead to oral practice immediately and in context.

We truly believe that building a student's self-confidence goes hand in hand with teaching them a language. Therefore, we set out to create our own syllabus that includes activities aimed to build up each person’s confidence and motivation. 

We help people gain enormous confidence speaking the foreign language in public and we make sure that they have one of the most remarkable experiences of their lives. 

We look forward to welcoming you. 


Paula Ruiz

Founder, Creator of the Goya Method, and Head teacher.

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Paula Ruiz
Founder, Creator of the Goya Method, and Head teacher.

Hi everyone!

I am Paula Ruiz, proud founder of Goya Languages. I am originally from the stunning city of Valencia (Spain), and I have lived in London for more than 10 years.

I started my professional career in teaching over 20 years ago. I hold a Master's degree in teaching English as a foreign language with distinction from the University of Valencia, a Bachelor's Degree in Modern Languages from the University of Valencia (Spain), and a Certificate for Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from Cervantes Institute.


My professional experience has mostly been in teaching English and Spanish to any age-range and nationality. I have also worked as a translator for several companies.

I have worked in Spain, Ireland and England, where I founded Goya Languages.

I can speak Spanish, English, Catalan, Portuguese and French.


I am passionate about the arts and I have combined her career in teaching with the study of music, dance and drama. I believe providing people with the necessary tools to build their confidence when speaking a foreign language is an essential key to their success.

I have created an innovative method for learning languages, along with several e-books for Spanish learners.


My wonderful students say I am a genuine teacher, very entertaining and encouraging, and I hope we can make your experience learning with Goya Languages remarkable.


Ana Pérez
Spanish & English Teacher.

¡Hola, chicos!

I'm Ana Pérez, a Spanish & English teacher from the beautiful city of Granada (Spain). I love teaching languages, and I always have a postive attitude.

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Modern Languages from the University of Granada, a TEFOL certificate, and a Certificate of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from International House London.


My professional experience has been mostly as an English and Spanish teacher, and I have been working at Goya Languages since 2020.

I also worked as a Radio Host and Translator.

I can speak Spanish, English, and French.


I love reading, listening to music, and travelling. Students say I am a very informative, fun, and patient teacher, who makes you feel welcomed and comfortable to participate during the lessons.


Emma Esteban
Spanish Teacher.


My name is Emma Esteban, and I am a Spanish teacher and an experienced tour guide from Madrid (Spain).

I hold a Master's Degree in adult and secondary education teaching from the University of Zaragoza, a Certificate for Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from Cervantes Institute, a Master's Degree in Arts and Cultural Management, and a Bachelor's Degree in Arts and History.


My professional experience is mostly as a Tour Guide, and as a Spanish Teacher.

I have been working all around Europe and I have lived in Spain, England, Hungary and The Netherlands. I can speak Spanish, English, and Dutch.


I am passionate about history, cinema, meditation and travelling, and students agree I am a fun, patient and knowledgeable person, who makes every lesson truly interesting.

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