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James (UK)

I feel much more confident in topics I only knew at a surface level. Thanks for everything!


Alice (UK)

Excellent, supportive. Great atmosphere in class.


Wu Junliang (China)

The 2-week programme in London was truly fantastic. I’ve practiced and learned English in a way I never did before. I’ve had the best teacher of my life. Thank you!


Colin (UK)

Very stimulating and encouraging.


Jamie (Australia)

Very good teachers and supportive staff.


John (UK) 

The teacher has been great! Lessons were lots of fun! She created an environment in which we all felt safe and confident enough to test our language skills. I think that's the most important condition for learning. 


Hussein (India)

Very good, all because of the teacher.


Alex (UK)

I think that the teacher is excellent, very fun and enthusiastic.


Joelle (Mauricious) 

Classes are well prepared and planned. The teacher is really good.


Shi Binrui (China)

I loved the programme and going shopping in London. The lessons were innovative and fun. I feel much more confident now. The teachers were truly amazing. The hotel was perfect and the service outstanding. I’m looking forward to coming back to Goya Languages.


Kunal (India)

Exceptional classes – The teacher plans fun and interesting lessons. Very interactive too. I looked forward to the lessons every day.


Patricia (Spain)

I was tired of the same boring programmes that language schools usually offer. I was looking for something that made me participate actively during the lessons. I found the best programme ever at Goya Languages. I thoroughly recommend the course to others. 


Ryan (UK)

Really enjoyable lessons – great teacher.


Jonathan (UK)

Fun, great way to learn Spanish.


Wu Yihan (China) 

I have practiced more these 2 weeks than during my degree. I have gained confidence and now I feel more relaxed when speaking Spanish.


Ashley (Australia)

The teacher made learning Spanish fun. I could not believe how much I was able to learn in a short amount of time. I can’t wait to take the next course!


Sara (Spain)

I’m studying Modern Languages at uni and I never get the chance to practice much. I enjoyed this course because we were speaking and engaged the whole time. Really entertaining and never boring as other language schools are.


Teo (Romania)

It has been a lot of fun to attend. I loved it! La profesora es muy simpática. I think the teaching method is effective.


Emese (Hungary)

The classes are very speech focused and the material is well-organized and varied, never boring. However, it would have never been so efficient without the teacher, whose expertise and personality bring the class together. 

Li Jing (Hong Kong) 

I have always dreamed to visit London. My passion is to learn Spanish so this was the perfect course for me. I’ve had the chance to improve my oral skills and enjoyed discovering London so much.

Juan (Spain)

Absolutely fantastic. These weeks exceeded my expectations. The lessons were innovative and I learned tones while practicing. Reduced groups that made me feel like with my family! The teacher was amazing and very knowledgeable. 


Alethea (South Africa)

Well thought-out. Making practicing and learning Spanish much easier than I thought it would be. Thank you!


Huang Yongpei (China)

For the first time in my life I practiced Spanish in a reduced group of students. I felt myself engaged the whole day and the sense of group was solid. The organization and teachers were awesome.


Zou Xin (China)

From the time we arrived to London, I felt really welcomed by the teachers. I learnt a lot of things about the British culture in Spanish, as it is the language I study at the university. Nevertheless, both my Spanish and English communicative skills have improved and the activities were great fun. I loved visiting Cambridge too. England is so beautiful.

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