"Corporate Language Training with the most effective and enjoyable method."

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Today, every company is aware of the importance of being connected to the world. Employees who are fluent in several languages can help expand and grow your business in new markets. Whether for meetings, writing e-mails or travelling, the need to train your team to be able to communicate in a second language is now almost imperative.

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and we have courses in which you will learn and practice this beautiful language in an innovative way.

What it really makes us special is our effective method and our genuine teachers. At Goya Languages we train people to become fluent in Spanish through communication activities in which the student actively participates. Our programmes are focused on helping students to gain confidence and fluency when speaking Spanish. Our classes are small so that each student can get the most out of the course they're on and gain an opportunity to improve their skills.

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Motivational, inspiring,  enthusiastic and encouraging are some of the most recurrent adjectives from students to describe our teachers.

Qualified Spanish and Latin-American professionals.

Over 15 years' experience teaching.

Backgrounds in business, marketing, psychology and drama

Our method combines a communicative approach with coaching techniques to improve self-confidence whilst learning Spanish.

We create programmes tailored to meet your needs.

General Spanish or Spanish for business purposes

We understand our clients are  busy professionals. That's why we accomodate our services to your busy schedules and preferences:

Flexible timetables: lessons in the early morning, at lunch time or in the evening.

One-to-one or group sessions.

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