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Duration: 1.5 hours.

Day: 25 May

Time: 5 pm

Place: The Old Brewery Greenwich.


Please, double check the event on our Meetup group to make sure the event will happen:  Goya Meetup group

The event is non refundable.

Please, be on time.


This Meet-up lasts for 1.5 hours, and it is divided into two parts.
1. Throughout the first part of the session, there are planned topics to get to know other people and practice one language for 45 minutes.
2. During the second part, we switch to the other language, also with different topics to talk about for 45 minutes.
We make groups, according to everyone's speaking level of Spanish/English.

We have plenty of students who are Spanish and English native speakers, and this is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to meet and practise everything you have been learning at Goya Languages.


Language exchange live: Spanish-English

  • -This event is for students with an advanced to native level of competence in Spanish or English.

    -Fees are non-refundable

    -Please, be on time.

    -Please, contact the organiser as soon as possible if you are not able to come.


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