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12-week course: Spanish for Beginners 2

Day: Mon-Sat

Date: 24 Oct - 29 Oct

Time: 9 am - 12 pm

Location: Online

Code: ES1989IB2


We have created our unique method, the GOYA METHOD. Unlike other methods, ours focuses on speaking, to help students learn through communication, the most natural way possible. From beginners, students gain all the basic tools to be able to communicate and learn a bit of everything, instead of focusing only on the present tense. Which means that, every course, we practice the present, past and future tenses in context, through useful conversations and role-plays.
We also help you improve your self-confidence, body language, and use connectors to become more fluent.


We keep groups small (max 6 students), so everyone has plenty of chances to participate during the sessions.


Here are the contents of the course:


-Useful sentences

-Present simple

-How to express likes, dislikes and feelings

-The past: Simple & Imperfecto

-Expressing your opinion

-The future

-The conditional

-Present Subjunctive

-Plenty of role-plays in a shop, at the doctor's and every day situations.

1-week Intensive Beginner 2 + Book

  • Courses are subject to be delayed by 2 weeks.

    Minimum number of students: 4

    Classroom size: 6 students


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