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Top series in Spanish

Are you learning Spanish and feel like it’s the time for you to start watching series in Spanish? Keep reading because here are 4 of the best series to train your Spanish.

No worries! No spoilers here, just the lowdown.

But hold up! If you're pondering whether to kick off a series in Spanish with or without subtitles, check out our article for some insights: (click the link below)


A real gem. One of the finest Spanish series ever. The cast is top-notch. It unfolds in a family-run fashion industry in 1950s Spain. The aesthetics, dialogues, and the mix of comedy and drama in this TV show make it a Netflix favorite if you need to improve Spanish.

2."La casa de papel".

Who doesn't love a great story packed with action, drama, love sagas, and plot twists? Our top pick. For many, the best Spanish TV show of all time, and unquestionably the most popular Spanish series ever. It's risen to the ranks of #1 Original Foreign Show on Netflix. The actors, production quality, and its groundbreaking plot will have you binge-watching. We'd recommend this series to anyone, but you'll savor it most if your Spanish level is already intermediate, given the abundance of slang and swear words. Quick heads up! Most actors are Spanish, but you'll also fine-tune your listening skills to the Argentinian accent and hear some foreign actors speaking Spanish.

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Watching series


A Colombian show about the most notorious drug lord ever: Pablo Escobar. The tale of his business and illicit ventures, during a dark period in Colombian history. The chronicles of his life and how he built his empire. Ideal for honing your Colombian accent, and the series is brimming with slang and profanity. One memorable phrase our students always recall from this show is: Plata o plomo (money or bullet). Let us know if you catch it!

4.La casa de las flores

Another "casa" household, but this time it's all about a family. Perfect if you're into comedies with a dash of soap opera. One of the most successful and watched series on Netflix. You'll practice understanding the Mexican accent.

That's a solid way to kick off (or keep up) watching Spanish series and boost your confidence in the language. Don't forget we offer fantastic Spanish courses to help you polish your speaking skills too.

And for the busy bees, we host Spanish conversation classes every week where you'll practice Spanish and connect with people from all corners of the globe.

We hope you enjoyed this content, and don't forget to follow us on Instagram and TikTok for more tips!

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