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Spanish Book Club

Improve your Spanish through reading with our great book club.

Are you looking for books to read in Spanish to improve your level? Reading is always a fantastic tool to learn new vocabulary, expressions, grammar, and get immersed in another world when studying a second language.

We'll tell you 5 books for Spanish learners that you can find online and in stores, to make your life easier and stop procrastinating.

This selection of books are for an Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate level of Spanish and the stories are wonderful for an interesting talk.

However, we believe it is always best to share your thoughts about the books you are reading in order to gain fluency when speaking too.

Relato de un náufrago by Gabriel García Márquez. Mendoza..h very interesting books that our students will read in Spanish, and we will comment every week in class. We will unveil the symbology, and interpretations of the books, our opinions and relate it to our own experiences in life..

5 Books to read in Spanish:

  1. El Alquimista, by Paulo Coelho.

  2. El misterio de la cripta embrujada, by Eduardo Mendoza.

  3. Soldados de Salamina, by Javier Cercas.

  4. Relato de un náufrago, by Gabriel García Márquez.

  5. El viejo y el mar, by Ernest Hemingway.

We are going to enjoy those readings in short courses of 5 weeks. It is sometimes difficult to find some time to read a book. So we would commit to reading a few pages each week to make it reasonable and accesible to meet everyone's busy lives.

If you need some advice on how to start reading books in Spanish, stay tuned and don't miss our next post where we'll give you some suggestions to read books in Spanish and not give up in the attempt.

We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our book clubs very soon!

For more information and to book your place, please click on the link below:

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Text: Paula Ruiz.

Images: Wix

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