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Why learn Spanish? The Top 5 Reasons for learning Spanish.

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Do you have your New Year's Resolutions planned yet?

Whether you are thinking of taking a dream trip to Latinamerica or Spain, brushing up the language you learned at Uni, showing off your Spanish skills at your favourite tapas restaurant; or wanting to understand your favourite Reggaeton songs, here are the main reasons why we think you should choose to start learning Spanish.

1. For Traveling:

If you love traveling as we do, you should know that there are 20 Spanish speaking countries where you can practise your language skills. Spanish is the 4th most spoken language in the world, and rapidly growing in parts such as the UK and USA, where it is soon to take over as the dominant language spoken, per capita, in North America. Most people in Spain and Latin America still don't manage to perfect English, and you watch a local's eyes light up when a foreigner, or extranjero, attempts to speak the native tongue. So to manage to speak Spanish is quite essential.

2. You already know more than you think: ¡Bravo!

You probably already know more Spanish than you let on... How about words like paella, tapa, bravas, cerveza, cortado, chorizo, siesta, viva, fiesta, ... See, you're already halfway there! To motivate yourself to learn Spanish because you love food and want to learn about the language and culture to explore your gourmet side, it is a completely fair reason to begin with.

3.For the love of the arts:

Learning Spanish opens the door to a whole new culture, history and way of life. It helps you understand better the context and impressions on The art of Goya, Picasso and Frida Kahlo; the classic literature of Cervantes, Lope de Vega and Federico Garcia Lorca; and the lyrics and meaning of your favourite reggaeton songs and Rosalia's music.

It can also introduce you to fantastic films of Almodovar such as Volver or Dolor y Gloria, and series such as Vis a Vis and La Casa de Papel. Speaking of series, La Casa de Papel (or Money Heist in English), was Netflix' MOST watched non-English series on the ENTIRETY of the platform (and it's much more fun viewing it in the native Spanish, believe me - Ed) (Source:

4. Healthy mind and self-confidence:

To keep your mind busy learning a new language and culture will help you improve your cognitive skills such as your memory. Furthermore, as soon as you find yourself speaking a foreign language, you feel pride and happiness! It is a great way to help you build your self-confidence because you experience the fact that you are capable to reach your goals in life, no matter how difficult they might seem to be.

5. For your professional future:

Some people's dream is to work in a Spanish-speaking country and we don't blame them. To live and work in Spain, Argentina or Mexico sounds like a great plan to enjoy more days of sunshine, healthy food and be surrounded by fairly cheerful and amicable cultures. Therefore, to learn Spanish is essential. But also for the working people who want to live in their own countries, to be fluent in Spanish can make you a better asset to get your ideal job.

Not so convinced yet? In Goya Languages we have created our method of teaching languages, focused on communication. We can also provide a multitude of resources across a variety of channels beyond the classroom, including audio files, podcasts, one-to-one tuition over Zoom, exam preparation; as well a whole host of other materials.

So what are you waiting for? There's no better way to kick off 2022 than by fulfilling one of those good intentions (buenos propósitos - Ed) and picking up Spanish as a new language (or even simply improving it a little!) right here, with Goya Languages: Gain confidence, speak up and take on the world!

If you want to practise Spanish in London and online, join us at our Conversation classes: Meetup Goya Languages

The most fun language exchange Spanish-English: click here

Keep up-to-date with our events, and language tips. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook: Goya.Languages

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